Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd

A solution was needed to allow clients to access their sites, orders and live jobs in real-time to enable better communication, from setting appointments to resolving queries.

The background

Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd are an innovative provider of roofing services based in Scotland who have offices located throughout the UK. They offer their niche repair and lifestyle services to many household brands across a variety of industries, from petrochemical through to education, health and retail.

The task

Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd needed a solution that would allow clients to view their sites, orders and live jobs with links to enable better communication, including query resolution and the arrangement of meetings. Visibility of planned site visits and access to the event histories was key to providing clients with a clear view of work at all stages of completion.

The solution

Our team were able to tailor Weatherproofing Advisors’ client-facing access tools to allow filtered views of clients’ sites, assets, work orders and jobs together with integrated document management to enable a collaborative approach to roof works. Clients were provided with a resource planner to allow them to forward-plan for site access.

Additionally, new functions were developed to support the quotation process with review management and the provision of Wave’s novel Activeplan® dynamic drawings feature that allows location and asset data to be added to existing drawings and other images.

The resulting integrated solution has delivered seamless communication of progress between Weatherproofing and their clients and enhanced their service and productivity dramatically.

They have brought a number of benefits to our business including more effective planning and budgeting as well as ensuring compliance with statutory legislation

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